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Broadband - an independent opinion

Which? is the UK’s leading independent consumer choice organisation. This is what they say about the major broadband and landline providers.

Fibre broadband and landline (monthly charge) comparison

Prices exclude short-term offers.

Mobile - an independent opinion

Here’s how UW compared with the major mobile providers, according to Which? magazine.

A mobile supplier you can trust

Here’s how UW compares with other providers.

Market-leading tariff

Comparison is based on a rolling 30-day SIM-only tariff. Where a 30-day tariff is not available, the best available comparison and alternative contract length is shown.

Energy comparison

Here’s what Which? had to say about UW compared to the ‘Big 6’.

Great value and peace of mind

One of the UK’s greenest energy suppliers

We make it easier for our customers to do their bit to protect the planet.

Cut your electricity bills by 15% forever

Go green with free, energy-efficient LED light bulbs for as long as you’re with us. We’ll replace all the bulbs in your home, typically worth £300 - £500. The bulbs are bright, light up instantly, and are fully dimmable. Good for you, good for the environment.

The legal bit

This service is available to Gold and Double Gold customers who are either (i) an owner-occupier; or (ii) a tenant where we have installed a smart meter in their property. All the light bulbs in your home will be changed provided we have an LED equivalent, and your existing bulbs are safely and easily accessible. The typical value of £300-£500 is based on 39 LED bulbs at an average retail price of £8 plus a £100 charge for fitting. Lifetime Guarantee only applies provided you have your landline, broadband and mobile services with us on the date you request a replacement; otherwise a three-year warranty applies. Other exclusions apply. 15% quoted saving based on a typical household using 2,900 kWh of electricity, where 39 traditional light bulbs are changed to LEDs, with an average reduction of 45W per light bulb (eg. from 50W to 5W) and where each LED light bulb is used for an average of 45 minutes per day. If we fit new LED light bulbs in your home and you cease to take any landline, broadband or mobile service from us within the following two years (which you were taking at any time after you requested our free light bulb replacement service), you’ll need to pay a contribution towards the cost of the LED bulbs we provided; the size of this contribution varies between £2-£8 per bulb, depending on how long your bulbs have been installed. This offer can be withdrawn at any time. Full T&Cs are on our website.

Shop and save with cashback

Earn as much as 7% cashback on your everyday shopping with your UW cashback card and any cashback you earn comes straight off your UW bill.

Earn up to 10% cashback from over 2,000 retailers online

Even more ways to save

As well as bundling all your home services into one great value bill, becoming a UW customer means you’ll get a range of amazing benefits that will help you save even more.

Refer a Friend to earn ££s

For each new customer taking all of our services you introduce (who your UW Partner can help sign up), you’ll receive £50 off your bill.

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