Light bulb fitting appointments

Everything you need to know about your LED light bulb fitting appointment

What to expect during
your appointment

When our light bulb fitters visit you

  • A team of two fitters will come to your property to install the LED bulbs.

  • The fitters will call you when they’re on their way, and they’ll complete a Covid-19 health questionnaire with you over the phone.

  • You'll be told, in advance, if the fitters can’t visit your property on your appointment time or date.

  • The fitters are trained to work safely under the current Government guidelines. Before they enter your property, they’ll sanitise their hands, wear a face mask, and wear disposable gloves and overshoes.

If you’ve been identified by the Government as high-risk from Covid-19 and would like to reschedule, just call us on 0208 955 5155.

During your appointment

  • The fitters will introduce themselves on arrival. With your permission, they’ll enter your property to assess the types of bulbs needed.

  • Our fitters have been instructed to maintain social distancing at all times where it’s safe for them to do so.

  • After the assessment, the fitters will go back to the van to pick up the required bulbs and ladder, and return to your property to start replacing the light bulbs.

  • At the end of the installation, the fitters will sign the iPad on your behalf as a completed fitting.

Please call us on 0208 955 5155 to discuss any issues with the LED installation. Or, you can give us feedback on our survey, which you’ll receive after the installation.

How to prepare for your appointment

Our fitters will need access to all rooms in your home. Please:

  • Clear all areas around the light switch and the bulbs if possible.

  • Wipe down the light switches or any surfaces the fitters may come into contact with.

  • Open all windows and doors in every room to increase ventilation.

  • Keep two metres away from the fitters to maintain social distancing, and move to a different room if this is not possible.

If a lockdown occurs

Your appointment will be rescheduled if there’s a local lockdown restriction in your area.

Please tell us if your area has local lockdown restrictions, so we can rearrange your appointment for a later date.