Save time and money with a smart meter

UW customers across Great Britain can get a free energy meter upgrade. So you can take control of your energy use and get accurate bills.

What is a smart meter?

It’s the latest energy technology which automatically submits your readings, so your bills are always accurate.

And it lets you see exactly how much energy you’re using to help you use less and save money.

How do they work?


Here are a few of the great benefits you'll enjoy with a free upgrade.

See your usage in pounds and pence

You’ll get a free smart meter display for your home that shows your usage in real time. So you can see where you can save money.

No more meter readings

Smart meters automatically send us readings, so you’ll no longer have to do it yourself. Leaving you extra time for the more important things in life.

Only pay for what you use

Because we receive readings automatically, this puts an end to estimated bills. Which helps you avoid paying too much or building up a debt.

How can I get a smart meter?

Book your

Simply book your free upgrade online in a few clicks.
Or call us on 0333 358 0175.

Our engineers upgrade your meters

Our expert engineer will visit you on your chosen day. The upgrade usually takes around two hours.

That’s it!

You’ll be able to see your energy usage in real time on your free smart meter display.

Do your bit for the future

Smart meters are a big step towards a smarter, greener nation. They help us all to reduce our carbon footprint, and protect the environment.

And they pave the way for innovation, helping UW provide you with exciting new services and even more savings.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“It’s just lovely not needing to submit readings, being able to forget about that.

And with the display it’s interesting to be able to see which things use how much energy.”

Mr. Christopher Ford, Southall

“You can see what you’re actually using and keep a check on it.

I now know to turn a thing or two off I’m using too much. It’s a lot easier not having to check and send meter readings too!”

Miss. Joanne Willock, Sheffield

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Should I trust bad news stories?

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How are we protecting you?

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What is the national smart roll-out?

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