Home insurance

Save over £115* a year and automatically get the best possible price for our award-winning service.

Switch and forget

Log in or call us to choose the cover you need from our 5-star rated home insurance.

We’ll get you the best price for your policy from our panel of leading insurers. 

And we’ll do that every year for you, for the same level of cover. So you really can, switch and forget.

More reasons to switch

5-star service

Independent insurance experts, Defaqto and Moneyfacts, give our services top marks.

Great savings

Pay monthly at no extra cost and save as much as £115* with Home Insurance from UW.

Value for life

Our panel of insurers make sure you’re always on the best value policy, year after year.


Who is eligible for UW Home Insurance?

UW Home insurance is only available to existing customers who have an established direct debit set up. It’s another perk of being a UW customer.

What policies do you offer?

UW provides comprehensive buildings and contents and standalone contents insurance, so we can provide cover for both homeowners and renters.

How does auto-renew work?

Unlike other providers who typically just send you a new price when your policy is due for renewal, UW does things differently.

We’ve written a policy that provides you with 5-star rated cover. In the background, we’ve built relationships with a panel of leading insurers, who all bid their best price to provide you with cover.

When your policy renews, all the insurers bid again, so you get the best price for your policy every year from our panel. 

Think of it as your own automated comparison site, but one where the cover stays exactly the same, so you don’t need to spend ages comparing and contrasting different products from various insurers or reading new policy documents.

Will I get the same level of cover at renewal?

Yes - because UW have written the policy wording (not the insurer) your cover levels and limits stay the same.

So, unless you’ve specifically requested any changes to your policy, we’ll get you a quote for the same level of cover as the previous year. If anything changes you’ll be notified in writing.

Why has the insurer who underwrites my policy changed?

This doesn’t affect you or your policy. UW has designed the product and each insurer on our panel provides the same level of cover for it, regardless of which one underwrites it. 

Does my price go up automatically after the first year?

No - we don’t hook you in with a cheap deal in your first year. We give you the best price from our panel every year. Because we use a panel of insurers, you get a competitive rate and when it comes to renewal, we’ll work with our insurance panel again to get you the cheapest price from them year after year.

Will my payment become part of my monthly UW bill?

Yes - we’ll add your home insurance payments to your monthly bill, in 12 instalments. And unlike some insurers, we don’t charge any additional fees for spreading the cost over the year.

Who are Defaqto and MoneyFacts?

Defaqto and MoneyFacts are two independent financial information businesses who provide expert consumer advice. They rank financial products and services to make it easier for consumers to distinguish between the quality and level of cover they will receive.

Both Defaqto and MoneyFacts give UW Home Insurance 5 stars - the highest possible rating.