Exclusive to UW, you can earn as much as 7% cashback on your everyday shopping with your UW cashback card in store and online at over 2,000 top retailers, including Sainsbury's, Boots, Halfords, M&S and many more.

Cashback card

Earn between 3%-7% cashback at leading retail partners, and get 1% cashback everywhere else*. Your card is easy to top up and you'll never pay interest. 

Online cashback

You can also use cashback online at over 2,000 of your favourite online stores. You'll get as much as 10% cashback at participating retailers and you'll see it paid on your monthly bill. 

Saving made simple

Add money

Top up your card and account
using the UW app or in your Clubhouse account. 

Get shopping

Shop at your high street favourites, or log in and browse 2,000 online retail partners. 

Start saving

You'll be able to see how much money you've saved using cashback on your monthly bill. 

The legal bit

*You can earn unlimited cashback from our Retail Partners each month. Purchases from other retailers are eligible for cashback on a general spend of up to £1,000 per month. 1% cashback at non-partner retailers is available for Visa-issued UW cashback cards only. Only customers not engaged in debt collection proceedings with UW – and with at least two of the following services active at the time of billing: landline, broadband, gas and electricity – are eligible to receive the 1% cashback.


The minimum £120 cashback each year assumes a monthly spend of at least £1,000 using the cashback card for eligible transactions, guided by the average UK household spend recorded in the Office of National Statistics data for 2017. ‘The UK’s Best’ claim is supported by a direct comparison with other cashback cards on the market. See our website for more details. Exclusions apply.


Calculated based on Office of National Statistics data for 2017 average UK household spending, excluding housing and mortgage costs, with £650 monthly spend earning 3%-7% cashback at qualifying UW Retail Partners and £1,000 monthly spend earning 1% cashback at other retailers.