Smart Export Guarantee

Help the environment and get paid for electricity you generate at home.

Smart Export Guarantee

From 1 January 2020, if you generate renewable energy, the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) allows you to apply to receive payments for the electricity you export back to the grid. You can benefit from SEG if you install a system that generates renewable energy using one of the following technologies:

  • Solar PV panels

  • A domestic wind turbine

  • Hydro

  • Anaerobic digestion

  • Micro-combined heat and power


The current Utility Warehouse SEG payment tariff is below:

  • Supplier: The Utility Warehouse (Electricity Plus Supply Ltd)

  • Tariff name: UW Smart Export Guarantee

  • Tariff type: Standard Variable

  • Unit rate: 2 pence per kWh

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