With our Which? Recommended 4G Mobile service, everyone at home can enjoy market-leading value along with unlimited data, minutes and texts.

Our market-leading tariffs

Two simple options to suit your needs. And all the data, minutes and texts your household needs with our Unlimited tariff.

Bring your home together

Enjoy amazing savings with your first Unlimited SIM for just £20 per month, then get up to three additional Unlimited SIMs for just £10 each.

The legal bit

Savings, simplicity and control

Incredible value

Our market-leading tariffs
mean the more SIMs you
take, the more you’ll save.

Easy payments

Up to four SIMs with
unlimited data, calls and
texts, all in one simple bill.

No long contracts

Our 30-day rolling tariffs
give you flexibility and
control over your payments.

Upgrade your handset

Whether you love taking photos, streaming music, gaming or just having a chat, we’ve got a range of handsets compatible with our 4G network for you and your family.


Does unlimited really mean unlimited?

It really does. With our Unlimited tariff, you get unlimited data, calls and texts every month when you use your SIM in a personal mobile device. When roaming in Europe, you get unlimited texts and calls but data is capped at 14GB per month. Text, data and calls outside of Europe are not included.  Subject to our fair use policy, learn more here.

Can existing customers change tariffs?

Existing customers can take or switch to one of these tariffs in their online account, our mobile app or by giving us a call on 0333 777 0777.

How do I switch my mobile to UW?

Switching couldn't be easier, and we'll handle everything for you.

If you'd like to keep your mobile number, we'll need a Port Authorisation Code – known as a PAC. Just text 'PAC' to 65075 and your current provider will text you back with the code you need to move your number to UW.

If you'd like to switch to us and get a new number, we’ll need a Service Termination Authorisation Code – or STAC. It's also easy to get a STAC – just text 'STAC' to 75075 and your current provider will reply with the code you need.

If you don’t have an existing mobile service, we’ll provide a new number. To start your switch click here.

Should I tell my current provider?

That depends. If you provide a PAC or STAC code when ordering a new service we'll handle the entire process for you. If you order a new service without a PAC or STAC code, you’ll need to inform your existing provider to close your account. To start your switch click here.

Can I use my own handset when I join UW?

Yes, as long as your handset is unlocked or is compatible with the EE network. If you need a new handset, we offer a great range of models at different prices. To start your switch click here.

How do I add more Unlimited SIMs?

You can take up to three additional SIMs where you have an existing Unlimited plan, making it easier to manage everyone in your household, and save while doing it. Log into your online account, the mobile app or give us a call on 0333 777 0777 and we’ll be able to help.

What network does UW use?

We use the EE network with 4G as standard.