Information about Partners

Who are Partners?

Partners recommend our services and provide support to the customers within their network. Our Partners handle your information respectfully and carefully. Our Partners handle data in ways that are compatible with our privacy notice and do not share your information with third parties.

What information do Partners handle?

Partners only have access to the information of customers they signed up, the customers assigned to them to support, people interested in learning more about UW and it’s services, and people interested in becoming Partners. 

Information you provide the Partner

Partners have access to the information you provide them when you sign up for UW services. Partners also have access to the information you provide them when they assist you with any queries you raise directly with the Partner.

UW provides Partners with the following information:

  • Service information (services you have with UW and the tariff price)

  • Information about you (name, membership number, address, phone number, email address)

  • Your marketing preferences

  • We do not share financial information or sensitive information to Partners


Why do Partners have access to my information?

Partners have access to your information in order to: 

  • Provide you customer support

  • Keep you informed about UW’s new services, products and promotions

Partners also have access to your information in order to:

  • Calculate their commission- This means Partners see whether they are eligible to receive commission in relation to that customer. We provide this information to Partners to meet our contractual requirements with our Partners. 

How does UW ensure Partners protect my data?

UW Partners complete data protection training and receive guidance and support to ensure that your information is handled respectfully and carefully.